The Last Two Weeks

It all started with a sore throat. Then came the congestion, coughing, and finally the fever. I don’t like being sick but it seems that the older I get, the more often I become sick.

I scheduled an appointment at the doctor’s office. It was late in the afternoon and instead of dealing with the problem head on, the doctor (not my primary care provider) sent me to the emergency room to be pumped full of fluids. I also had to be tested for influenza, strep, a cancer relapse, a uti, and a myriad of other sicknesses that I’ve never heard of. Did I mention that I had a fever? They never told me exactly what I had but they did mention antibiotics that would’ve caused me to quit breastfeeding for ten days. Apparently after seeing two other doctors (also not my primary) they concluded that I was highly contagious and needed to be home for a few days. They gave me six different medications. I took one for nausea and the rest are still sitting on my table. I’ll move them eventually but for now I have them lined up so as to satisfy my OCD.

Flash to week number two.

I picked up some shifts at the stock show working for Subway. I haven’t worked in awhile but I am feeling much better so I figured it would be a great way for me to get out and interact with other adults. My anxiety flipped since this was only the second time that I’ve been away from my son. I’m not sure why I was so anxious since he was at my mother-in-laws for the first four days and at home with my husband on the last day. I think it had something to do with him not nursing for several hours but I don’t know for sure.

I haven’t exercised since I got sick and I’ve been eating unhealthy foods. The first week I ate soup. This week I ate Subway and drank soda. I also indulged in some freshly spun cotton candy. I refuse to regret this and I will be back on plan starting tomorrow. Sean and I ended today by going for a mile long walk with our son. We also bought ice cream. I love ice cream. Its a craving that I’ve carried over from my pregnancy and I can’t seem to shake it. As long as I stick to the serving size it doesn’t matter right?



Lieutenant Dan! ICE CREAM!!!


Where were we?

I’m not sure. I’m on a sugar high right now that just won’t stop. I’m relatively certain that I’m going to crack within the next hour but I don’t care as I’m at home with the most important men in my life. We have ice cream and I made a REALLY healthy stir fry for supper!

Also, dark chocolate M&M’s…yes.

I learned a lot from my little stunt at the stock show.

I learned that my mommy body is amazing. Why? Well because I can stay on my feet for hours at a time without needing a break. I can multitask like nobody’s business. I can ignore hunger to perform my job. These are all things that my body does. That makes it amazing. The best part? These are newly found skills that I’ve acquired since becoming a mom.

I found a new appreciation for working moms. I appreciated them before but it has grown immensely as I learned that leaving your child in the care of another (yes, even his own grandma) is a mixture of heart break and excitement. It is an exhausting endeavor and I’m grateful that I can stay home with Jace.

Teenage girls are a hand full. I don’t want any girls now. I’ll stick with boys. You know because it is completely up to Sean and I. *eye roll*

That is all I have for you folks, I’ll leave you with this.

If you are a parent, what is the aspect of parenthood that you appreciate the most? If not, what challenge do you think you’ll have to overcome if/when you become a parent? Let me know!

Ciao Darlings!


An Introduction…

Hello, my name as most of you know (though maybe you don’t) is Brianna R. Watson. I’m a 23 year old wife and mother. I’m two years into my awesome marriage and seven months into being a mom, they’re both still alive and happy so I don’t think I’ve messed it up too terribly. What can I tell you about me that you haven’t already read about hundreds if not thousands of others? I suppose I’ll start at the why and move from there.

I’ve fought with my weight, health, and fitness for nearly my entire life. Starting at a young age my family informed me that I was chubby, fat, overweight, big, etc. I’m certain that some were merely teasing and that like all families, others were being obnoxious jerks. I think that’s a large part of why I’ve struggled so much with my weight. Most little girls grow up hearing how pretty they are, how they can do/be anything in this world. I grew up being told that I needed to keep it, ‘trim’ and tighten it up. Never mind the fact that I was throwing hay bales and driving (successfully) a diesel by age five. Oh no, if I wanted to be a rodeo queen then I needed to be thin. If I wanted to do ballet then I’d have to lose weight. Blah blah blah, on it went until eventually after a brief stint with cancer, puberty smacked in the face with all the loving components of a freight train running over a penny. Contrary to popular belief it didn’t derail, but I did. I was so self-conscious over developing breasts and such that I ate and hid my way through not two but four years of early puberty. By the time I was in middle school I was a full-blown ‘woman’. I think much of it had to do with how I viewed myself, that is to say I hated myself and my body. Period. There was no embracing my flaws. I find that terribly ironic now that I am in my twenties as I see myself in an entirely different light. I look at how I can obtain a more healthy life rather than a thinner waist line, if a thinner waist line happens to follow I won’t mind though.

Recently, this last week in fact I found out that my beloved (hahaha) thyroid has finally given out. I’ve been blessed in my short yet sick stricken life to have an almost fully functioning thyroid but my pregnancy apparently kicked its butt. To say that I merely shrugged it off is the understatement of my new year. Emotionally I’m still dealing with it, I’m relatively certain that I’m still in the denial phase but I don’t know so please don’t quote me. I’m sure that once I get to anger you’ll all hear about it. I don’t hold back when I’m upset as I find it to be bad for the health.

That’s a short bit of history about me so now let us move on to the present, to the ‘Bri of Today’ as I stand. Today I am working towards a healthier me. I’ve embraced my body, flaws and all, yet am striving to be the best that I can. I find that perfection is not obtainable but don’t mind the challenge of trying. I try very hard to live my life with God first, family second, and everything else after. I’d say career but my particular career choice has been laid at the side of things for the moment while I muddle my way through health, marriage, and raising my darling son. I don’t like the words ‘bae’, ‘sposie’, or ‘fart’. I’m not sure why, they just seem to rub me wrong. I have a top ten list of most hated words and I’m sure that at some point I will grace (sarcasm) your eyes with it. I get angry and people tell me I overreact which makes me angry so I’ve been learning to just ignore people who say simple-minded things about topics they don’t understand. the main topic of course being me. My favorite color is currently royal blue but I’m sure it will change within the next couple of months as that has been my trend for years. I enjoy all types of food but have a soft spot for anything home-made. Home made being NOT out of a box although I don’t fault anyone for cooking boxed food. I love to cook and enjoy the challenge of cooking delicious AND healthy meals for my little family. I’ve found that the real trick is to sucker my amazing husband into eating vegetables. I’m learning to just cook them and then give him ‘the look’ while he eats them. I’m emotional and I care about people. This bothers me as most people take my crassness for rudeness. I get irritated at people who hold grudges and even more so at the ones who can’t just pull a Frozen and ‘LET IT GO!’ Other than that I enjoy nature, video games, words that have more than four syllables, and neat hand writing.

I hope that this blog may come to inspire some of you, drive others, and challenge the rest. Who knows, maybe I’ll do such a terrible job that you’ll start your own? Maybe not. Regardless, I pray that everyone reading gleans the best that they can from a simple mommy mind!

As always Darlings, Ciao!